UNITS 02 & 05 Your extra rooms for your events back to Units

Unit 03 has a rectangular shape and is surrounded by pristine white canvases like Units 01 & 03. It is adjoined directly by these 2 Units.

The white canvases give you the opportunity to express your creativity and project your visuals. Project your logos, slogan or videos on the canvases and make your event spectacular.

The LED bulbs, located at the back of the white canvases, allow you to make the Wild Gallery shine in the colors and theme of your event.

The floor is entirely covered with carpet and makes your events more convivial.

Unit 02 will be perfect for your reception, your workshop, or a seated diner.

By removing the structures between this Unit and Unit 01, a large L-shaped room will be formed to accommodate your conference for up to 800 people.

On the other side, by removing the metal structures between Unit 02 and Unit 03, you will be able to accommodate a seated diner for up to 450 people in the same space.


Units 02 & 05 at a glance


Surface U02: 240 m²
Surface U05: 97m²


Ceiling height: 4m80


U02: 300 pax
U05: 100 pax


Theater setup
U02: 250 pax
U05: 80 pax


Seated dinner
U02: 200 pax

At the Wild Gallery, everything is possible!

Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild and visualize your next project by comparing the photos below. On the left is a photo of the empty space and on the right one of the same space, but during an event.

Here are a few possibilities for the layout of Units 02 and 05. Let yourself be inspired by events that already took place at the Wild Gallery!

Unit 02

Unit 05



Unit 02 goes perfectly with the following Units:

  • Unit 01: for your conference up to 500 people
  • Unit 03: for your welcome drink and walking dinner up to 350 people
  • Units 01+02: by removing the separations, this L-shape of 620m² will welcome your conferences up to 800 people and your seated dinners up to 580 people
  • Units 02+03: by removing the separations, this space of 530m² will accommodate your seated dinners up to 550 people
  • Unit 01+02+03: by removing the separations, this space of 910m² will accommodate your conferences and seated dinners up to 1.100 people

Unit 05 goes perfectly with the following Units:

  • The other Units to organize the rest of your event.

As you will have understood, Unit 02 is the ideal addition to the adjoining Units. It can also be used as a backstage for your fashion show or as a storage area when not in use.

Unit 05 is the only space isolated from the other Units. Like Unit 02, it is surrounded by white canvases on which you can project your presentation or logos. This versatile unit can be transformed into a room for your press conference, a backstage for your concert in Unit 04 just across the corridor or as a storage area, depending on your wishes.

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