UNIT 04 Are you looking for a venue for your walking dinner, your trade show
or your dance party without noise pollution?
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Unit 04 is one of the largest rooms in the Wild Gallery. This atypical room with a post- industrial style perfectly reflects the underground spirit of New York lofts. Its magnificent glass skylights, located on the left side of the room, provide incredible natural lighting for your trade shows and receptions. Like the other areas of the Wild Gallery, the floor is completely carpeted to make your event even cozier.

Its surface of 630m² offers you a multitude of possibilities for your events. Due to its architecture, Unit 04 is naturally divided into 3 zones. The first zone, located just opposite the reception hall, can be arranged as a lounge area to welcome your guests in a relaxed atmosphere. The second zone is made up of 4 columns, ideal for a bar or a central buffet, which you can rent from us. The third zone is spacious and perfect for your parties, cocktails, lounges, walking dinners, concerts, etc. Located in the center of this concrete building, there is no risk of noise pollution. Make the most out of your event !


Unit 04 at a glance


Surface: 630 m²


Ceiling height: 4m80


1.000 pax


Theater setup
600 pax


Seated dinner
500 pax

Modern audiovisual technical package

At the Wild Gallery, everything is possible!

Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild and visualize your next project by comparing the photos below. On the left is a photo of the empty space and the right one is the same space, but during an event. Here are a few possibilities for the layout of Unit 04, for the right and left side. Let yourself be inspired by events that already took place at the Wild Gallery !

Unit 04 left side

Unit 04 right side



Unit 04 goes perfectly with the following rooms:

  • Unit 01: for your conference up to 500 people
  • Units 01+02: by removing the separations, this space of 620m² will accommodate your conferences up to 800 people
  • Units 01+02+03: by removing the separations, this space of 910m² will accommodate your conferences up to 1.100 people
  • Unit 05: for the backstage of your artists, or your own production office

Your entire event can be organized in Unit 04, for example as part of a “rally” party. The other areas will be closed and remain inaccessible to your guests.

Unit 04 can also be used as an addition to other Units during your event. During a conference for example, it is the perfect area to organize the entire catering including coffee breaks for participants. It is also possible to book several other Units such as Units 01, 02 and 03 to benefit from an even larger space.

The entire ground floor can be transformed into a trade show and accommodate the numerous stands of your exhibitors.

Organize your professional events and immerse the Wild Gallery in the world of your company. Project your logos, slogan or videos on the white brick walls and make your event spectacular. Because Unit 04 is entirely located on the ground floor, it can accommodate the most unique decorations such as cars, artistic installation and much more!

Organize your event at the Wild Gallery !

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