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Unit 03 has a rectangular shape and is surrounded by pristine white canvases. It is covered by glass skylights that immerse the room in daylight, but which can also be covered if you need darkness for a projection or other.

Unit 03 has a surface of 290m² and is located directly opposite Unit 01.

The atmosphere and location of this room is ideal to organize your welcome drink, your coffee breaks during your seminar and your walking dinner at the end of the day.

Its white canvases, stretched over metal constructions, allow you to project your visuals or logos and create an atmosphere unique in Brussels.

The floor, entirely covered with an anthracite grey carpet, makes your events even cozier!


Unit 03 at a glance


Surface: 290 m²


Ceiling height: 4m80


350 pax


Theater setup
300 pax


Seated dinner
220 pax

Modern audiovisual technical package

At the Wild Gallery, everything is possible!

Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild and visualize your next project by comparing the photos below. On the left is a photo of the empty space and on the right one of the same space, but during an event. Here are a few possibilities for the layout of Unit 03. Let yourself be inspired by events that already took place at the Wild Gallery!



Unit 03 goes perfectly with the following rooms:

  • Unit 01: for your conference up to 500 people or your seated dinner up to 350 people
  • Units 02+03: by removing the separations, this space of 530m² will accommodate
    your seated dinners for up to 550 people
  • Units 01+02+03: by removing the separations, this space of 910m² will accommodate
    your conferences and seated dinners for up to 1.100 people
  • Unit 04: for your parallel conferences

Unit 03 is perfect for your welcome drinks, cocktails, walking dinners, seated dinners and more!

Its atmosphere: Our furniture is at your disposal on site such as a cube bar, tables and chairs and lounge corners. This furniture stock has been specially designed to match the authentic and modern style of the Wild Gallery. It is therefore obvious that it fits flawlessly in our Units, which inspire sharing and networking.

Its magnificent glass skylights immerse the room in incredible natural light during your receptions.

During a fair your exhibitors will be able to present their new products in a pleasant and well-lit atmosphere.

This ground level space can also accommodate cars to be exposed to our guests.

Located between Units 01, 02 and 04, this space can also be used in combination with the three other spaces and vice versa. Organize the different Units according to your needs and desires. Take advantage of the modular rooms to use different areas for the reception, the conference and then a walking dinner, yet maintain complementary atmospheres. The possibilities are endless!

Immerse the Wild Gallery in the universe of your company during your professional event.

Project your logos, slogan or videos on the white canvases and make your event spectacular. The LED bulbs, located at the back of the white canvases, allow you to illuminate the Wild Gallery shine in your company colors.

Unit 03 has a cocktail sound system and a beamer that allows you to project the logo of your company on the back canvas of this unit.

Organize your event at the Wild Gallery !

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