Unit 01 is a perfect rectangle surrounded by pristine white canvases. This rectangle is ideal for a conference in theater setup or a fashion show with a central catwalk, or a seated dinner which gathers all the guests in the same room.

Its white canvases, stretched over metal constructions, allow you to project your visuals or logos and create a unique atmosphere in Brussels.

The floor, entirely covered with an anthracite grey carpet, makes your events even cozier!

With a surface area of 380m², this space is ideal for your events such as conferences, fashion shows, product launches, awards ceremonies, seated dinners, and many more! This ground level space can also accommodate cars to be exposed to your guests.

Its thoughtful configuration allows you to arrange your events in many different ways. If you want to make an impression during your business event, you can immerse the Wild Gallery in the world of your company. Project your logos, slogans or videos on the white canvases and make your event spectacular.

The LED bulbs, located at the back of the white canvases, allow you to illuminate the Wild Gallery in your company colors.


Unit 01 at a glance


Surface: 380 m²


Ceiling height: 4m80


550 pax


Theater setup
500 pax


Seated dinner
350 pax

Modern audiovisual technical package

At the Wild Gallery, everything is possible!

Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild and visualize your next project by comparing the photos below. The left one is a photo of the empty space and the right one is of the same space, but during an event. Here are a few possibilities for the layout of Unit 01: one lengthwise as well as a wide set-up. Let yourself be inspired by events that already took place at the Wild Gallery !

Unit 01 lengthwise

1. gauche fixe

Unit 01 wide set-up



Unit 01 goes perfectly with the following rooms:

  • Unit 03: for your welcome drink and walking dinner up to 300 people
  • Unit 04: for your welcome drink and walking dinner up to 500 people
  • Units 01+02+03: by removing the partitions, this space of 910m² is suitable for your
    conferences and seated dinners up to 1.100 people
  • Units 01+02: by removing the partitions, this L-shaped space of 620m² is suitable for
    your conferences up to 800 people and your seated dinners up to 580 people
  • Unit 02: for your backstage during fashion shows or other performances

The Wild Gallery can be used for all your events! Organize your conferences at the Wild Gallery and promote your company’s internal and external communication!

Unit 01 is perfect to organize your conference, seminar, or colloquium in the length or width of the room.

A giant screen of 8m x 3m is available for your conference. Welcome an audience of up to 500 people in this space, and up to 1.100 people by opening up the other surrounding spaces. Exceptional in Brussels!

We also provide you with 150 chairs, a stage and a orator’s desk for your events.

Do you have a fashion show in mind? Unit 01 perfectly welcomes your catwalk in front of an audience of 400 people.

The other modular rooms of the Wild Gallery are also available for the other moments of your event: the welcome drink, coffee breaks, a walking dinner, a seated dinner or a party. A total of 5 Units allows you to make your guests live a different experience in each space.

Unit 01 is equipped with a high-performance technical package, including sound, light and video supplied by ADC Production. Audiovisual technical package including: 8 x 3 m screen on a Prolyte frame and Christie HD 10k / 10.000 lumen tri-projector + optical zoom 1.4 to 0.18 : 1 + video control room + data / Way Opus 300 HD analogue video switcher + preview monitor. Sound includes: music and microphone. The light can be regulated as you wish.

Organize your event at the Wild Gallery!

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