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Thanks to their metal constructions, the Wild Gallery’s multipurpose Units can be combined with each other to benefit from a larger, more prestigious space.

Combine the Units of your choice during your event and make it dazzling!

The combination of Units 01 and 02 offer an exceptional space of 620m². Combine the spaces form an “L”-shape that can accommodate presentations and conferences up to 800 people. In this configuration, a podium is installed at the corner as well as 2 giant screens.

The white canvases, located around the Units, give you the opportunity to project your logos and slogans but also to broadcast your event live! This layout is ideal for conferences, fashion shows, seated diners, seminars, etc.


Units 01+02, 02+03, 01+02+03 at a glance


Surface 01+02: 620 m²
Surface 02+03: 530m²
Surface 01+02+03: 910m²


Ceiling height: 4m80


U01+02: 950 pers
U02+03: 700 pers
U01+02+03: 1.100 pers


Theater setup
U01+02: 800 pers
U01+02+03: 1.100 pers


Seated dinner
U01+02: 580 pers
U02+03: 450 pers
U01+02+03: 1.100 pers

At the Wild Gallery, everything is possible!

Let your imagination run wild

Let your imagination run wild and visualize your next project by comparing the photos below. On the left is a photo of the empty space and on the right one of the same space, but during an event.
Here are a few possibilities for the layout of the Units when they are combined. Let yourself be inspired by events that already took place at the Wild Gallery !

Units 01 & 02 combined

Units 02 & 03 combined

Units 01, 02 & 03 combined

Combining Units 02 and 03 gives you a space of 530m² and makes 4 columns appear in the center of the room. Install a central bar or your dessert buffet and invite your guests to enjoy refined dishes during a seated dinner for up to 450 people!

By combining Units 01, 02 and 03, you get a space of 910m², unique in Brussels! Install podiums, giant screens and return screens for your biggest events up to 1.100 people. The white canvases surrounding the room are at your disposal to project your visuals. This combination is perfect for awards ceremonies, symposiums, large conferences, gala dinners, etc.

It is also possible to combine other Units for your events. The combinations are endless!

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